The Noble Girl Living in Debt
by Emoto Mashimesa & 江本マシメサ
Agnes Le Verges was a beautiful, haughty, Earl’s daughter. Called high society’s resplendent rose, she was an unobtainable goal. On
Throne of Magical Arcana
by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving & 爱潜水的乌贼
An ordinary young man on earth, Xia Feng, traveled to a world of sword and magic, and took the body
Spare Me, Great Lord!
by The Speaking Pork Trotter & 会说话的肘子
This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the
Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa
by Hiiro no Ame & 緋色の雨
I had known for most of my life that I would be killed by a Yandere and now, that day
Mystical Journey
by Get Lost & 滚开
One moment, Luo Jing was at the brink of death after accidentally touching a power outlet while showering. The next,
Apotheosis – Ascension to Godhood
by 恩赐解脱
Falling from cloud nine to becoming a lowly slave, Luo Zheng accidentally transformed himself into a weapon. The already closed
Illimitable Until Death
by 如倾如诉
“From today onwards, you will become the Envoy of one of the Main Gods in the Dimensions of Gods. You
Legend of Ling Tian
by Fengling Tianxia & 风凌天下
Ever met someone who started cultivating from his mother’s womb? He does not care for his image, willing to take
Advent of the Archmage
by Mo Xiang & 墨乡
Link was the top Archmage in the entire server. He had just defeated the strongest boss, the Lord of The